What an eight year old thinks

What an eight year old thinks

By Bjorn Chen-Pagen (as told to an adult)

Best cereal to eat: I don’t usually eat cereal.

Best breakfast then : I actually eat different things each morning, like” Nyuyubing. “ It’s a Chinese thing with bread and meat inside of it.

Favorite places outside of New York: Orlando, Florida ‘cause of Disneyworld and Montreal, Quebec cause of skiing and snow and other stuff.

Best writing instrument: Pencils, because it is too complicated to use markers and takes up too much time.

Best candy: Reeses Peanut Butter cups and Crunch. They’re tied.

Favorite mode of transport: Walking for short distances and cars for longer ones and airplanes for the longest.

Favorite restaurant: Uchiumi in Koreatown, Manhattan

Best toys: Stickmen and ordinary bricks. You can make the bricks fall on the stickmen. Also miniature dynamite, fake cockroaches.

Best computer game: Club Penguin.

Thing I like most about my father: He takes me to many places.

Thing I like least about him: He always makes hard decisions for me.

Thing I like most about my mom: She takes me on trips such as October 23-25 2009 when she took me to Orlando, Florida.

Thing I like least about my mom: My mom sometimes screams at me if I don’t finish my school work.

Thing I like most about my American grandpa: I have to leave this blank because he died in a Metro north train accident a long time ago.

Thing I like most about my American grandma: I don’t know.

Things I like most about my Chinese grandpa: He helps me fix my toys

Things I like most about my Chinese grandma : She helps me with carving pumpkins and other things

Most interesting animal in my opinion: The tapir (a rainforest animal with a snout).

Favorite kind of cake: Ice cream cake

Favorite sport: tennis

Favorite Chinese word: Dongigapi (it means: “you know nothing”)

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