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Black women’s reproductive rights

Now that that pesky billboard bearing awful news about the frequency of abortion among black women (59% of all pregnancies, according to the website it leads you to) has been removed, we can all go back to treating abortion as a sacred cow, not open for discussion lest the right to it be taken away. [...]

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More about welfare bashing

Dear State Senator John Bonacic (New York): Thank you for your reply on October 8th to my letter regarding the distribution of a bit of extra to welfare recipients this summer. In response, I begin by drawing your attention to the opinion of prominent economists working at the international and national levels who are far [...]

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Still waiting for a response re: cutting foods stamps to help special interest groups

September 22, 2010Public Employee Press125 Barclay StreetNew York, NY 10005Dear Public Employee Press Editor:I am a local 768 social worker working in pediatrics, and am troubled to read about the deal to cut $12 billion from the Food Stamp program in order to fund the $26 billion Jobs Bill. This deal was aggressively advocated for [...]

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