Black women’s reproductive rights

Black women’s reproductive rights

Now that that pesky billboard bearing awful news about the frequency of abortion among black women (59% of all pregnancies, according to the website it leads you to) has been removed, we can all go back to treating abortion as a sacred cow, not open for discussion lest the right to it be taken away. No matter how high the rates get. No matter how many more black than white fetuses are aborted. Abortion is a right!

If a drug, a disease, tainted water, lead in food, or any other thing were causing 59% of black women to end their pregnancies, it would be called a public health emergency, genocide, or a conspiracy to reverse the demographic changes in the nation. Efforts would turn to stopping it. Black and left wing pundits would be on Fox news and CNN demanding action.

The general rate of abortions for all New York women is hardly good news: 41% of pregnancies are ended via abortion here. One of the only men whose expressed any concern is Mr. Timothy Dolan, who happens to be the Archbishop of New York. I call him Mr. to make the point that he has not only spoken out from his position as Archbishop of New York, but also just as a human being who’s still got a rational point of view on this matter. You don’t have to be a religious leader to see that an abortion rate this high is a human crisis.

It’s important not to step on the right of women to get an abortion. So I suggest that one compare statistics on how many black women of childbearing age express a desire to have children, with the statistic that 59% of black women’s pregnancies are aborted. I’ve already done this and can tell you there is a gap between the numbers, though I’ll let you look it up yourselves, so that I don’t have anyone accuse me of making it up. But once you see the gap, the question becomes, “what is making black women who otherwise wish to become parents someday to have abortions?”

That so many are so quiet about this issue, and are not asking this simple question, demonstrates the stranglehold the pro-choice lobby has over the nation. All rational questioning is prohibited. See no evil…..

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