More real news of the U.S.

More real news of the U.S.

Yesterday I learned that back in March, a U.S. soldier, Jeremy Morlock, was sentenced to 24 years in prision for his role in murdering Afgani civilians. The three victims were killed for entertainment. The soldiers, including Jeremy Morlock of Washington state, planned skirmishes that could later presumably justify using deadly force. Photos they took as souvenirs of the killings somehow got to the press. The photos and story were published in Germany in the news magazine, Der Spiegel. The soldiers, who named themselves “The Kill Team,” had cut off body parts for souvenirs as well. This news story was virtually absent from the mainstream press in the United States. When I did a search, I saw a few articles that had been in the New York Times, and a few others, but no sustained coverage such as the coverage gotten by the Anthony Weiner story, the Casey Anthony story, or the other sordid sad stories of poor human judgement that crowd the pages and screens of the U.S. media.

For coverage of the story, go to and search The Kill Team.

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