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News wrap up, July 12

We spent a good deal of time with the news media yesterday, catching up on what the President, Romney, and our fellow New Yorkers and other public figures are doing. The prevailing stories of the day were whether or not Mitt Romney lied about how long he was at Bain Capital; whether the reputation of [...]

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A Manhattan Boy’s Suicide, One Month Later

This essay appeared in El DiarioLaPrensa on July 3, 2012 Joel Morales hung himself in his family's apartment in an East Harlem housing  project one month ago. He was twelve. This event seemed a senseless tragedy to some. Despondent relatives and an angry community blamed rogue, evil children. Hoping to avoid a future tragedy, some [...]

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Speak English, Carajo!

Recently, Rick Santorum, Republican party candidate, declared that Puerto Rico would be required to make English its main language if it were to become a state. Just as Santorum’s culture is cemented in his use of English, the Puerto Rican experience has Spanish at its core. The reaction to Santorum’s statements (which he attempted to [...]

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GOP Food Stamp Bashers

Have others who know how important the federal Food Stamp program is had enough of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum's endlessly ignorant verbal attacks on the Food Stamp program? Santorum has made several comments that prove he is atrociously ignorant of how the program works, who gets the Food Stamps, and ignorant of how it [...]

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GOP race is “heating up”

I've watched the GOP debates, including the latest, South Carolina. The practical and intellectual content is about as hot as a wet pickle. The content is smoke and mirrors: nothing about banking systems, foreclosures, justice, the dismantling of free speech via the National Defense Reauthorization Act, or the poverty that creates the need for the [...]