The Universal Basic Income as a Method to End Oppression

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With Jude Thomas, Bill de Fazio, Diane Pagen, and invited guests.

The present U.S. economy affords certain opportunities for those participants who have not become caught up in certain of its oppressive systems. Certain members of the economy have become trapped in one of two mechanisms of oppression within the economy that prevent them from harnessing any of the opportunity. The two systems we are talking about are the low wage labor market, which is a tool of oppression of many Black and Latino workers, and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (“welfare”) system; which has evolved from its original purpose of supporting mothers and children to its current structure, which by design oppresses low income mothers and by extension their children. Both of these systems by design exclude participants from accessing better labor opportunities and better quality of life, and in doing so, these systems by design preserve the truly worthwhile opportunities and resources for the higher earning and better resourced people in society. Universal Basic Income (UBI) has a long list of respected members of society advocating for its implementation in more than one nation.

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