Explaining U.S. Social Safety Net to Scandinavians is Utterly Embarrassing

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UBI, and candidates who are committed to making it the law are where we need to be investing our energy, not in charity, tweaking failed Welfare "to Work" policies state to state, not in passing out sandwiches and Thanksgiving turkeys.

16th Annual U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Congress Opening Session

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Organized by the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network, Basic Income Canada, and Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, Associate Professor Michael A. Lewis, this year’s Congress will bring together researchers, activists, policymakers and students from around North America and around the world who focus on universal basic income guarantee (BIG) policy. Kicking off [...]

Scarcity, Misdeeds, and Violence? Or Universal Basic Income?

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Andrew Yang, Presidential candidate writes, "A culture of scarcity is a culture of negativity. They attack each other. Tribalism and divisiveness go way up."

Disastrous Homelessness Policy Makes Us All Crazy

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This month, we read that a woman set another woman afire at a shelter in Queens, New York after an argument. In 2016, a man was practically beheaded at a Manhattan shelter after an argument gone bad. A DHS spokesperson said of the fire starter, “this unconscionable act goes against everything we stand for.” This [...]

Presentation for the Democrats for Life of America conference

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How Temporary Assistance to Needy Families ("welfare") federal block grant policy has made parenting mostly impossible* by Diane R. Pagen, LMSW, Social Worker *And why/how to do something about it Dedicated to Gerald and all the kids I have met as a social worker Download the PDF version of the presentation here Presented at the [...]

Democrats for Life – DFLA – National Conference Speakers 2018

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Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) is hosting its inaugural Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado on July 20-22, 2018. The DFLA Annual Conference is the pinnacle of our work to rejuvenate the Democratic Party with pro-life Democrats. One in 3 Democrats is pro-life or have significant reservations about our current abortion policy, and significant concerns [...]