Food Stamp Bashing, Congressional Edition

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by Diane R. Pagen, LMSW The Congressional Food Stamp bashers are at it again. I do wish they would call each other in the morning before telling rooms full of Americans what is wrong with Food Stamp users. In June we heard a Congressman from Texas, Louie Gohmert, say that it’s obvious poor Texas kids [...]

Poverty: All in Your Head, According to Those Paid to Know Better

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If there is any one thing that could make a person unfit to head up federal housing policy in the United States, it would be his belief that poverty is a “state of mind.” Despite centuries and decades of intelligent discussion, research and policymaking on the subject, here comes Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of the [...]

What adolescents want to say about school

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Earlier this week while in East Harlem, New York, I stopped into a lunch spot around the time the kids were getting out of school. Four young women sat down near me to have a bite, too. On my way out, I stopped by their table and introduced myself. Then I asked them if they [...]

Auditor finds DHHS misspent $13M in welfare funds

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This year is the twentieth anniversary of 1996's welfare reform law. In it, President Bill Clinton gave full control for how to spend federal anti-poverty funds to state level administrators. From 1996 on, the federal government would stay out of states' decisions on how to spend their welfare block grants. The accountability was reduced practically [...]