News wrap up, July 12

News wrap up, July 12

We spent a good deal of time with the news media yesterday, catching up on what the President, Romney, and our fellow New Yorkers and other public figures are doing. The prevailing stories of the day were whether or not Mitt Romney lied about how long he was at Bain Capital; whether the reputation of a now dead college sports coach is marred forever by his cover up of child sex abuse; and whether or not it is okay to text in your yoga class.

It is my view that Romney should clarify which of his sworn statements about how long he stayed at Bain are true, so everyone can stop speculating; that the legacy of Mr. Paterno’s accomplishments is smeared and saddened forever by his decision to cover up sex abuse; and that it is absolutely not okay to text in yoga class. Yoga is about meditation, finding your center, and rejecting materialism at least in the moment to embrace your inner resources. Texting in class is absurd, a statement on how lost and unable to be human we have become. We have no collective attention span any longer. No wonder artistic creation is no longer a strongpoint in this nation and no wonder mental illness is rising.

The highlight of the week that gives me hope in the goodness of the human race was Chris Christie’s speech of Wednesday, in which he said that to be truly pro-life, you have to protect all life and want to redeem all life, including the lives of those who are drug addicted. His words were beautiful, rational, and unselfish. Made me consider moving to NJ.

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